fire & water Flood and fire damage can be devastating to your property.  Bringing your piece back to life depends on the severity of the damage, please call for more personalized information. 

Water Damage: Minor damage, such as water rings from a glass or mineral deposits from a plant can usually be repaired.  More often than not, the finish needs removed and a fresh finish reapplied. We can use a high traffic polyurethane to minimize the problems from reoccurring.  Major damage, such as prolonged or overexposure to moisture can be irreversible!  Ceiling sprinkler systems are great when putting out the fire, however the water can remain on a conference table for hours or days, usually ruining the table.  Antiques that have been abandoned in “Grandma’s” basement could suffer damage from prolonged exposure to damp conditions.  Mold and mildew can grow on the finish, a complete restoration is usually the solution.

Fire Damage: Minor damage results from excess smoke, tar or soot exposure.  This residue is usually chemically cleaned from the finished surface.  Any surface that was not protected with a finish, such as the bare wood, does not clean up well.  Major damage ranges from blacken or charred pieces to complete ash.  Some salvageable items only need newly fabricated sections.  Sadly, some furniture is lost.    The extreme heat and penetrating smoke causes detrimental damage to your possessions.