stripping Hand stripping

Many pieces of fine furniture need to be treated with extra care.  Hand stripping is an excellent approach to gently removing an old, worn finish while still protecting the valuable patina and veneers that often accompany delicate pieces.  Our process of hand stripping does not introduce water into the stripping schedule.  We use modern alternatives and dispose of the waste properly, according to OSHA and EPA regulations. 

Tank stripping

Commonly referred to as an immersion system, "dip-n-strip" completely cleans the wood from all chemical residue and finish.  This type of stripping is recommended for painted material and solid wooden items.  The process involves a bath in paint remover, followed by a power wash.  Secondly, the stripped wood is quickly immersed into a bath of detergents and wax cleaners that remove any remaining residue.  Finally, the wood is bleached to its original natural color and dried under heated fans.  This process must be supervised by trained professionals.