repair Today's modern adhesives allow us to make durable and permanent repairs that are stronger than the wood fibers themselves! When chair joinery becomes loose, we can disassemble the parts, clean the joinery and apply a permanent, 2000 psi glue that will be strong and durable for many years.  Loose joinery that will not come apart presents another set of problems.  Many times the potential for damage is greater than the reward of disassembly.  When this is the case, we choose different adhesives from that will penetrate the joint, consolidate the loose area and stabilize the wood with only a small entry scar.  This scar or entry zone can usually be hidden underneath, away from any viewable areas. We still use 192g hide glue on many antiques.  Hide glue has many advantages that modern adhesives do not.  Hide glue is water soluble and reversible.  One fantastic advantage of hide glue is it will chemically stick to itself.  New hide glue  will chemically adhere to the old, making a strong repair.  Hide glue is also very sticky and clamps are not often needed to hold items in place, a simple "rub joint" will stick long enough until the glue dries and fully bonds the wood together.  Cyano Acralate is a modern adhesive that is as thin as alcohol.  Capilary action will draw the adhesive into the void and fill the damage without any entry scar.  This adhesive is a fantastic choice for edges where loose veneer is beginning to break away from the main substrate. 
Whatever your repair may be, we can select the appropriate adhesive to complete the repair.